Bespoke wardrobe and bedroom design in Dorset

Is your bedroom boring you with its lacklustre appearance? Do you wish you could wake up in a bedroom that inspires you every morning through its beauty and style? Luckily for you, stunning and bespoke bedrooms are exactly what we create at Select Interiors. When you need a bespoke wardrobe and bedroom design in Dorset for your home, contact Select Interiors.

Stunning bedroom and wardrobe design for Dorset homes

At Select Interiors, you can rest assured that when you choose our team to design and install your bedroom and wardrobes, you will receive a product that is entirely bespoke to your tastes and requirements. No two bedrooms that we have designed at Select Interiors have ever looked alike, as we understand the importance of delivering truly individual rooms.

Fitted bedrooms

When you ask Select Interiors to design a bedroom for your property, we will spend time with you to design the exact fitted bedroom you desire. We have years of experience in creating made-to-measure bedrooms that range from modern to traditional, urban to shabby chic, art deco to industrial.

No bedroom design project is too much of a challenge for Select Interiors. We have created fitted bedrooms of every shape and size, and we always maximise the space available to us. Our design team will work with you to decide every detail, such as:

  • Colours
  • Materials
  • Shapes of furniture items
  • Wood types
  • Mirror location
  • Lighting
  • Height of furniture items

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Hinged and sliding wardrobes

We all need at least one wardrobe for storage, but we all have different storage needs. At Select Interiors, we will design and install your wardrobe so you can store everything you need to, in an organised manner. Whether you have dozens of shoes and want a separate compartment for each pair, or if you need a lot of rail space; every single aspect of your wardrobe design is chosen by you.

At Select Interiors, you have the options of either hinged, freestanding, or sliding wardrobes. Our sliding wardrobes are our most popular as they can be finished in mirror, glass or wood. There are over 20 colours to choose from, and you can mix and match the colours to complement the other aspects in your new bedroom.

Treat yourself by choosing Select Interiors to design your tranquil bedroom

Our team want to create your dream bedroom that is personal and special in your home. In order to do this, we employ every type of tradesmen needed to complete this work. Our operation is coherent as we all work together in one huge warehouse, ensuring that all sections of your bedroom and wardrobe fit together smoothly.

All of the materials we source are from local Dorset manufactures. We firmly believe in the quality of the work we deliver, and provide every customer with a five year guarantee on all of our work.

Gallery of bespoke bedroom designs

For photographs of the bespoke wardrobe and bedroom designs our team have completed in Dorset, view our gallery.

Alternatively, view our before & after images

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