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Are you looking to transform your bedroom with a brand-new bespoke wardrobe? Poole customers are in luck as here at Select Interiors, we design and build hinged and sliding door wardrobes tailored to each individual’s requirements. Not only do we meet your expectations, but we exceed them too. And if you need help with a bedroom refurbishment, we can help with this too. To find out more, call us on 01202 821 005. 

The Team to Call for a New Bespoke Wardrobe in Poole 

Here at Select Interiors, we’re proud to be the number one option for those seeking high-quality, beautifully crafted home improvements. A bespoke wardrobe, Poole customers, is just the sort of addition that’ll complete any bedroom transformation. Perhaps your old wardrobe has seen better days, or you’ve fallen out of love with the style. Whatever the case may be, we’re the team to call. 

We work hard to bring our customers’ ideas to life. You might have considered purchasing a standard “off-the-shelf” option, and while these are indeed functional, they lack the quality and aesthetics of a handcrafted option. At Select Interiors, we provide Poole bespoke wardrobe design and fabrication services which are second-to-none. 

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Enquire About a Bespoke Wardrobe, Poole Customers, Built to Your Specifications 

The first option we offer is the hinged variety. Suitable for medium to largesized rooms, these wardrobes don’t have the compactness of sliding door variants. But they do come with a comprehensive array of options and can be designed in any height, width, or depth to fit any room, even one with a sloped ceiling. For a bespoke wardrobe in Poole, you simply cannot go wrong with a hinged option. And you can even make it your own with a whole array of customisable finishes and handles available. 

As an alternative to hinged wardrobes, we also offer sliding door wardrobes. Built from premium-quality aluminium, these doors are custom-built to fit any space and come with soft closing attachments for quiet, slam-free operation. As with hinged options, these come with fully customisable interiors, allowing you to make space for your suits, dresses, shoes, and more. Plus, with an array of finishes available, we’ll create for you the finest bespoke wardrobe, Poole homeowners. 

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All work will be preceded by an in-depth survey in which we will assess your requirements, take measurements, and discuss any options with you. Our Poole bespoke wardrobe specialists can create a computer-generated representation, so you can visualise it before it’s built. This inspection is completely free and is concluded with us presenting you with a no-obligation quote. 

Should you choose to proceed, we’ll craft the components of your bespoke wardrobe. Poole customers, we’ll then arrange a suitable date and time to bring the components and assemble them in your home. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the process and would like to speak with a member of our team, don’t hesitate to call Select Interiors. 

Why Choose Our Poole Bespoke Wardrobe Company? 

When it comes to choosing a brand-new wardrobe for your bedroom, you don’t want to just settle for an “off-the-shelf” option that feels cheap and nasty. At Select Interiors, we design and craft wardrobes, which are a thing of beauty. Each one is a labour of love, built to the customer’s exacting specifications. With over 20 years’ experience, we’re confident you won’t find a finer bespoke wardrobe, Poole customers, anywhere else. 

In fact, around 80% of our work comes from customer referrals – a testament to the quality of our services and products. And as well as crafting a bespoke wardrobe, in Poole, property owners can turn to us for other services too, such as: 

Whichever part of your home needs transforming, we’re the company to call. If you’re ready to get in touch, contact us using the details below. 


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