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Have you been looking for ways to have more space inside your bedroom? Do you want to benefit from the best range of fitted or sliding wardrobes in Southampton? Then, welcome to Select Interiors! We are one of the leading companies offering the best range of bedroom fitted and sliding wardrobes Southampton has to offer. 

 Our team of bedroom design experts will make sure to offer you the widest range of fitted and sliding wardrobes that ought to meet your space and storage needs. In order to learn more about our bedroom space design and storage solutions, kindly call our fitted and sliding wardrobes experts at 01202 821 005 or fill in the form below. 

The Number One Fitted Wardrobes Southampton Company

Here at Select Interiors, we are entirely committed to service excellence. This aspect of our services manifests itself in many ways. Prior to delivering and installing your new home wardrobes, our team will make sure to fill out an entire survey after measuring your space and discussing your requirements.  

We can supply you with any shape or form of fitted wardrobes that would best fit your home, regardless of the shape of the space. Our free fitting services include showcasing a computer animated representation of what your finished home space would look like after the addition of our wardrobes. This helps us assess and alter the design. 

Here at Select Interiors, we are proud to provide a wide range of options when it comes to fitted wardrobe shapes and colours, as our Southampton services are entirely bespoke. Not only that, but you will also be able to choose the type of finish you want your wardrobe to have. Whether you prefer mirrored glass or wood effects, our team has it all.  

With our team, you will be given a wide range of customisable layout options to choose from. You will be able to align your preferences and lifestyle with the comfort of your home furniture. No matter whether you have a full closet of shoes you need to store, or a range of suits you want to keep crease-free, we have got you covered. 

Once we design your fitted wardrobes, our team of professionals will help assemble your wardrobes in a way that saves you a lot of space. When finished, our team of experts will install your new fitted wardrobes inside your Southampton home with care. If you notice any problem that has to do with our wardrobes, you can immediately contact our team to fix it as soon as possible.  

Is It Worth Getting Fitted Wardrobes?

You can now check out Select Interiors if you are looking to add luxury fitted wardrobes that save you a lot of space. Every single fitted wardrobe is carefully tailored to suit your bedroom space, not to mention that it is well made with style and sophistication. Our team will do its best to provide you a fitted wardrobe that perfectly fits your available space.  

Select Interiors  provides you with a wide range of sliding wardrobes. These sliding wardrobes are comprised of only the highest quality aluminum, and are specifically built in a way that suits your needs and specifications. You can design your sliding wardrobes the way you like inside your Southampton home, as our team offers you a range of more than 30 colours to choose from to suit your sliding wardrobe design. 

Southampton Fitted Wardrobes

The Select Interiors team will produce a customised wardrobe that’s made just for you. Our fitted wardrobes have internal layouts that help you separate your casual clothing, formal attire, and footwear. You can design the internal layout the way you like inside our sliding wardrobes. We will help you throughout the entire building process in order to guarantee you the perfect bedroom furniture for your Southampton home. 

Our team builds customised wardrobes to a specific design and sends them to be assembled inside the customers’ homes. We always make sure that there are no issues with our wardrobes once assembled and installed. If a misconfiguration occurs, we will get it sorted quickly. 

Fitted wardrobes are the ultimate solution for slamming doors since they have the most cutting-edge soft closing attachments which eliminate the slamming of doors. 

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How Much Are Fitted Wardrobes?  

It is really exciting to be installing new wardrobes. However, it is less exciting when considering fitted wardrobes because of their high price. In fact, fitted wardrobes and sliding wardrobes should not be expensive as long as you take into consideration your needs and budget.  

You’ll find our prices to be the most competitive around. We have also highlighted the extra costs that you might need to consider when budgeting for a new wardrobe. This way, you can be assured of no nasty surprises. 

You might be worried as to how much a new fitted wardrobe would end up costing you. Perhaps this is the first time you go for a bespoke wardrobe fitting service, and have no idea if you would need to break the bank for it. This question definitely does not have a one-size-fits-all answer, as each wardrobe fitting requires a different set of skills and materials. 

To add to that, with fitted wardrobes, there is always the option of undertaking the installation process yourself, which changes the charge. 

Some companies will prefer to provide customers with a fixed price they cannot negotiate. Different suppliers will start their pricing points at £1,500 for standard wood finish wardrobes and have them escalate to reach £5,000 or more for more luxurious finishes, not including paid extra fees. This often leads to customers paying more money than they had initially anticipated. 

Here at Select Interiors, we are firm believers that anyone who would like to invest in fitted wardrobes should be able to get them. For this, we have dedicated a lot of time and effort into ensuring that our range of home storage space services is pretty much affordable and accessible. 

Maximise Space with Our Range of Made-To-Measure Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are the best solution for attractive, cost-effective storage, regardless of the size of your home, the dimensions of your room, or the proportions of your living area. We can help you customise your sliding door wardrobe so that it blends in with your décor perfectly. 

Because our fitted wardrobes are bespoke, we can design one that is tailored to your specific needs. From mirrored or panelled doors to useful wardrobe inside like shoe racks, hanging rails, and more, we offer a wide range of customization possibilities. With fitted black sliding wardrobes and more, you get to pick everything, from the colour to the style. You even have the option of ordering some test samples in order to assess the options for the material of your new wardrobe. 

Are you looking for additional shelving or rail space, or perhaps custom shoe racks for a large shoe collection? Your fitted wardrobes can be completely customised at any time with our team of experts here at Select Interiors. 

Why choose us for Southampton fitted wardrobes?

Here at Select Interiors, we can design your dream bedroom, home office, kitchen, or lounge furniture to your exact specifications at our purpose-built factory in Three Legged Cross, near Wimborne, to your exact specifications. 

We provide a free home design service, which includes a survey and in-depth discussion of your needs. With the help of specialised design software, we can help you visualise your dream design. 

We provide a full design, quotation, supply, and installation service, which includes everything from electrical to plumbing to tiling, flooring, construction, and plastering, as well as your fitted furniture. For bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, we can also provide a supply-only service. 

We can also provide house remodelling services, in which we may completely renovate your home, including any structural work, new stairs, and new utility rooms, study, kitchens, bathrooms, en-suites, bedrooms and lounge furniture. Please view our projects section for some before and after pictures of some of our most recent projects. 

For the most up-to-date information and photos of our finished projects, like and follow us on Facebook. 

Should you get Hinged doors or Sliding Doors? 

Both hinged and sliding doors can form a beautiful finish for your new wardrobes. However, each type of wardrobe door has its different functional features one must consider before making a decision. These differences are very important to consider when one is shopping for their new bedroom space, as preferences entirely rely on a client’s need. 

When you aim to consider the right sets of information about each of both wardrobe door options, you shall be able to control the aesthetic and function of your new space. For that, we shall now discuss the differences between both hinged and sliding doors.  

It is most important for us to acknowledge both the pros and cons of each of the hinged and sliding doors in order to make the correct decision that best serves us. Convenience and efficiency should be on the top of your list while making your final decision. 

Hinged doors are mostly comprised of either a hollow-cored or a solid wood door that would be connected to a closet door jamb with two or more hinges. These doors operate by swinging out and back into the flush space of the closet. This means that hinged doors require a certain amount of space in front of them in order for them to be able to swing forward to. 

Sliding doors, on the other hand, operate through sliding in and out of a compartment inside the closet itself in a horizontal manner. These doors typically have one operational moving panel, and another stationary panel it alternates with. Closets with these types of doors are usually more aesthetically pleasing, and they require a lot less space than hinged doors. 

Some advantages of hinged doors include their ability to fully open or close without having restrictions of the horizontal spaces they have access to opening. They are also the more traditional looking option, so you are more likely to find the ready-made closet you need. 

However, with the bespoke sliding wardrobes we offer here at Select Interiors, you do not need to worry about ready-made options, as our team will custom-make whatever wardrobe you most need for your home space. 

In conclusion, if you need to utilise the least amount of space for the most utilisation value, we would personally recommend sliding door wardrobes as opposed to hinged door wardrobes.

Other Services We Can Offer You 

Here at Select Interiors, we definitely do not only aim at providing customers with fitted wardrobes for their homes. Over our many years of service, we have managed to offer our customers the best set of kitchen and lounge/study design options that they can integrate into their homes.  

The bespoke kitchen design services we offer here at Select Interiors is the ultimate option for anyone who is looking to optimise their kitchen space. Our team will provide you with a free initial consultation and design quotation that is entirely comprehensive of all the fees you will be owed. These free quotations will also include electrics, plumbing, lighting, tiling, plastering, and even appliances.  

Most of the work we get here at Select Interiors comes from customer recommendations that come secondary to our stellar scope of practice. This means that quality is imperative throughout the entirety of our operations. 

Our team of experts here at Select Interiors can also offer you the option of custom making all types of bespoke lounge furniture. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what our team can do for you. No matter whether you need storage units and display cabinets, or even CD/DVD and Blu Ray storage units, our team has got you covered. 

We can also provide you with the option of installing a new personal study space without needing to let go of a spare bedroom of yours. 

Here at Select Interiors, we are entirely committed to offering each and every one of our customers the perfect solution that would provide them with the office space of their dreams. We can install single or double foldable beds into your bedrooms in order to make space for your new study area. Your new office space can also have the option of including spaces for computers, filing drawers, scanners, and even printers. Invest in your new ergonomic working spaces with our team here at Select Interiors today. 



In the case that you feel the need to visualise our range of home storage space solutions, you can now take a scroll through our gallery section. A picture is worth a thousand words, and our range of home storage space and fitted wardrobes solutions will certainly meet your expectations. 


Our team of experts here at Select Interiors are dedicated to doing everything that is within their capacity to satisfy your home needs. But, you should not have to take our word for it, as a number of our lovely previous customers have been so kind as to leave us their reviews on our range of home storage space storage solutions. 

Trade Enquiries 

The range of home services we provide here at Select Interiors certainly does not stop at home storage space solutions. We can also provide a set of trade supply services that aim to offer  

carcase only, cut and edge, and even fully assembled carcases that are complete with fronts and doors with fitted drawers. 

Our team continues to provide a substantial number of local businesses with our professional services. Businesses as far as Jersey, London, and the Home Counties seek our expert consultations. Our latest addition are our automated CNC machines that help us offer our customers a range of quality home products at the best of trade prices. 

Select Interiors also happens to be one of the few UK companies that have an in-house edge bander that is capable of running a home airtech system. This helps us build our own sets of slab doors that come in gloss or supermatt colours without the use of glue lines. These doors have heat-bonded edges as opposed to utilising glue, an aspect of which makes them look and feel more durable. 

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