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Are you searching for a company that delivers exquisite, custom-fitted furniture? Are you looking to commit an area of your home to study? Then you should start by phoning Select Interiors as we lovingly handcraft a wide assortment of furniture options in our workshop. We even welcome you to come and view the process to see for yourself what goes into making our excellent home furniture solutions.

We’re proud to be the number one Poole home furniture specialist, having made our mark with the supply of top-tier, custom-made wardrobes. We’re confident you won’t find a company that surpasses our abilities. If you’re after something more than just an “off-the-shelf” product, we’ve got it covered. We don’t just supply the furniture; we also help by bringing your dream home study to life. If you’d like to transform part of your home into a study area, start by phoning Select Interiors on 01202 821 005.

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In recent years, it’s become more and more common practice for individuals to work from home. The issue is that our houses aren’t exactly set up to facilitate working conditions. If you’ve ever tried working from your kitchen or lounge, you’ll understand the various frustrations this brings. And you should always try to keep separate where you sleep and work. The bottom line is that you want a space in your home where you can retreat to work, then close the door behind you once the day is done.

At Select Interiors, we work with this goal in mind when it comes to the creation of home studies. You’ll receive a personalised consultation where you’ll outline your requirements and preferences. Once these have been clearly established, we’ll talk you through the home study furniture options we have available. We’ll provide you with clear and concise advice and suggestions, helping to steer you in the right direction. You’ll, of course, have the final say on all design decisions.

We use state-of-the-art design software to create renderings, so you can visualise what your new home study will look like. Once we have all the information we need, you’ll be supplied with a FREE, no-obligation quote. If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll get started crafting the new furniture pieces for your study. We use cutting-edge machinery to eliminate human error and ensure each piece is manufactured to a high standard and your exacting specifications.

All our home study furniture pieces are crafted using premium-quality materials with a level of care, attention, and professionalism that’s unmatched. Once we’re done, we’ll arrange a time and date to deliver and fit your new fitted home study furniture. This process shouldn’t take too long, and in no time, you’ll be making use of your new work area.

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Benefits of Our Home Studies in Poole?

There are many benefits to choosing to work with Select Interiors in the creation of a brand-new home study. If you’re working remotely, something that’s become all-too-common in the last year, you might be faced with less-than-ideal working conditions. Let’s face it; your home was not intended to serve as a place of work. With so many distractions around too, it can be tough to get anything done. A home study greatly increases productivity, morale, and performance.

You’ll have a dedicated desk with plenty of space for you to work. You’ll have much-needed peace and quiet along with the privacy to work without distraction. And you’ll have an office space customised to your exact specifications for an environment conducive to productivity. You can keep separate your life and work; once the working day is done, you get up, walk out of the room, pull the door closed, and leave work well and truly behind you.

It might not be the same as leaving the office at the end of the day, but it’s certainly close enough!

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At Select Interiors, we made it our mission to become the number one choice for quality home study furniture. Those wishing to establish home studies will find our Poole-based company to be very accommodating. Our team comprises highly trained, passionate individuals with an impressive understanding of what’s needed to make truly exceptional furniture. No matter what your requirements might be, know that we can fulfil them. 

Our home studies specialists operate throughout Poole and the wider Dorset area. We’ve amassed an impressive reputation in our years of service, with around 80% of our trade coming from customer recommendations. This makes us immensely proud as a customer-focused business. Whatever your home furniture requirements, we at Select Interiors aim to exceed your expectations. 

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What Can Select Interiors Do for You?

So, what can our home furniture specialists do for you? Well, we’re, of course, the go-to company for those looking to create home studies. It’s always been our goal to maintain a level of service that caters to as many clients as possible. To that end, we’ve continued to expand our home furniture range to offer as many options as possible. Besides knowing how to create the best home studies, we supply other home furniture, such as:

With such a wide assortment of tailor-made home furniture options available, it’s little wonder why so many customers choose us over our competitors.

Over the years, we’ve produced many different home furniture pieces, all to an exacting standard. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and you can see this for yourself by clicking on our testimonials. Here, you’ll find many kind words left by customers who would happily recommend our home furniture service. You can also click on our home furniture gallery that showcases our impressive workmanship.

If you’re convinced now that we’re the company to call to help with the creation of your new home study, you should get in touch with Select Interiors. Use the contact details below to speak directly to our home furniture specialists.

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Having read through the above information, it should now be obvious that we at Select Interiors are the right choice for subtle home improvements that can really transform any house. If you’re looking to commit an area of your home over to study, you’ll need to customise the space to make it conducive to productivity. That’s where we come in. We’re willing to discuss your home study requirements in more detail; all you need to do is get in touch.

Contact Select Interiors now for our home studies services Poole. Call us on 01202 821 005 to get the ball rolling by arranging a time for one of our team members to visit to discuss our furniture options. If you would prefer to get in touch by writing, you can do so by emailing [email protected]. You can also get in touch by completing our online contact form.