Are you searching for the finest home studies Romsey  has to offer? Are you looking to transform an area of your home into a peaceful sanctuary conducive to productivity? Do you get tired of working in the same room you sleep in? Here at Select Interiors, we design and craft stunning furniture that’ll transform any room into a fully equipped home study. We craft this wide assortment of furniture options in our workshop, where you’re welcome to visit to see the process for yourself. 

As the leading bespoke furniture supplier in Romsey, you can be confident you’re purchasing top-rated, custom-made furniture and none of that “off-the-shelf” rubbish. Every piece is crafted with the customer’s exact preferences and requirements in mind. We have excellent choices, including storage and workspace options, helping you to build an empty room into a productive work environment. If you would like to create a home study and desire quality furniture, call the Select Interiors team today on 01202 821 005. 

The Number One Home Studies Romsey Supplier  

Depending on your industry, you might be lucky enough to work remotely, either some of the time or all of the time. Whether you’re working day is spent at home, or you’re putting in a few extra hours in the evening or at the weekend, you need a place to retreat to. That’s where the idea of home studies arose, setting aside a room in your home that could be used as a dedicated workspace. This lets you be productive while helping you keep your personal and work lives separate. 

At Select Interiors, we take immense pride in having helped design and furnish some outstanding home studies for customers in Romsey. If you’re keen to separate your personal and working lives and have a spare room to commit, a home study is a great way to accomplish this goal. But what if the spare room is already in use as a guest bedroom? Not a problem as we supply custom-made furniture designed to accommodate such setups. 

To get started, you need only call our home study professionals to arrange a convenient time for us to pop round for a friendly, informal discussion. Our consultations are personalised as we go through your requirements and look at your setup to find the best possible solution. We help with advice and suggestions, but you’ll always have complete creative control. We’ll introduce you to the furniture options available and help point you in the right direction, so you can be proud of your new home study. 

We employ the use of cutting-edge computer design software, creating renderings so you can visualise what your home study will look like. You can make changes during this stage that can be quickly implemented, avoiding any unnecessary delays or added costs further down the line. Once everything is in order, we’ll quote you for the furniture and the cost of delivering, assembling, and installing it inside your home. Our quotes are FREE and entail no obligation on your part. 

To craft each piece of furniture, we use state-of-the-art machinery and hand tools of which our team are skilled in the use of. We employ tried and tested methods to create each piece to the highest standards. And as we only use premium-grade materials, you can be confident that your home study furniture will be of a calibre far above that of off-the-shelf furniture options. Once we’ve finished, we’ll arrange delivery and get each piece assembled (if needed) and help get your new home study set up. 

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Why Are We the Best Home Studies Romsey Company?  

We are simply the best choice when it comes bespoke, handcrafted furniture. Transforming part of your home into an area for work is an investment that’ll pay for itself tenfold. You’ll have a dedicated space to work, and when you’re done, pull the door closed and leave the working day behind you. While you might be considering off-the-shelf purchases, know that such options are often of varying quality. Plus, why have something everyone else has when you can have something that’s customised to you? 

Around 80% of our trade comes via customer recommendations, a fact for which we’re immensely proud. This goes to show that our family-run company is widely recognised as the go-to option for high-quality furniture, including home study furniture. Each piece is a labour of love, crafted by our skilled and passionate team using time-honoured techniques. With over 20 years of experience behind us, you can be confident that we know exactly what our customers want. 

We provide a transparent, honest service and are always upfront with you regarding cost and what we can and can’t do. You’ll always receive a quote before any work begins with no obligation to proceed. Our quotes detail all costs – there are no hidden fees – so you can see for yourself just how affordable our home study furniture is. And we never try to pressure you into any decisions you’re not 100% sold on. We prefer instead to let our excellent workmanship do the talking for us, which is why we invite customers to visit our workshop. 

We’re confident you won’t find a better option for home studies in Romsey. But if you need a little more convincing, click on our testimonials or check out our gallery. 

The Home Studies Romsey Professionals  

Here at Select Interiors, we’ve made it our mission to be the company everyone chooses for top-quality home study furniture. If you live in Romsey, work from home and are looking to set up a home study, you’ll find our furniture selection to be very accommodating. And if you’re wanting a workspace without relinquishing your spare bedroom, we have you covered. Our range includes supremely comfortable single and double beds that can fold away into our gorgeous furniture. 

Once tucked away, this makes space for a custom home office with integrated solutions for computer towers, printers, scanners, filing cabinets, and more. Plus, we custom-design home study setups to suit any requirements for: 

  • Storage 
  • Filing 
  • Work Surface Area 
  • Ergonomic Design Workstations 

As you can tell from the above information, we’re very capable of creating home studies that maximise productivity without sacrificing what you already have. You can hold onto your spare bedroom and easily switch back and forth as the situation changes. 

Additional Services  

Besides designing and furnishing home studies, our team also capable of manufacturing bespoke furniture for other areas of the home too. Whether you’re looking to transform your bedroom, lounge, or kitchen, we’re the company to call for exquisitely designed furniture that’ll look great inside any home. Just some of the home furniture options we offer include: 

With such an impressive range of custom-made furniture options available, it’s no wonder so many customers come to Select Interiors when wishing to furnish their homes. 

Our commitment to quality is rarely surpassed, and our reputation speaks to this. Around 80% of our trade comes from customer recommendations. Over the years, our company has only continued to go from strength to strength as we continue to improve the service we offer. The fact our customers wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us for home study furniture is a point of pride for us and one that compels us to keep improving our service. 

If you’re now convinced that Select Interiors is the place to go for quality home furniture, now is the time to get in contact. You can do so by using the contact details listed below. And if you’re a commercial customer, know that we accept trade enquiries too. Just get in touch with us and discuss how we might assist you with your next job order. 

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Having read through the above article, it should be obvious by now who to turn to for professionally furnished home studies – Select InteriorsThere’s no denying that having a place to be productive, away from the distractions of family life, is important, especially given recent events. If you’re tired of working from the kitchen table or sitting on the sofa with kids racing about the place, a home study is exactly what you need. 

If you’re now ready to discuss transforming an area of your house to include a home study, give the team at Select Interiors a call today on 01202 821 005. We’ll arrange a suitable time to pop round for a friendly, informal chat. And if you’d prefer to get in touch using a written method, you can do so by emailing or completing our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.